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Purchasing in Warsaw

Best prices guaranteed! The most simple and best type of transaction is selling items at our office. We are open from Monday to Friday between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.


We purchase gold coins from all over the world.
We offer the highest market prices.




We specialise in numismatic coins.
We purchase single items and entire collections.


We are interested in purchasing banknotes and historical shares and bonds. Some old securities  may be of high value.





We pay in cash or via bank transfer to the indicated account for gold, silver and platinum.




We are a leader on the Polish market in purchasing melee decorations, badges, weapons, military objects and documents.



In the case of rare coins which may achieve particularly high prices, we suggest organising an auction to our clients. Check our results at:

What makes us worth it?

  • We have been operating on the numismatic market since 1989
  • We offer professional advice and specialist assistance of experts
  • We cover all sales-related administrative fees
  • We issue bills of sale and invoices
  • We guarantee comfortable conditions and discretion

 We often ask ourselves whether the coins that have been in our family for generations or  the ones which we inherited are of any collector’s value. The value of a coin is not dependent on its age; numismatic coins that are just a few years old might be way more expensive that much older items. If the coins or banknotes you own are part of a collection, then it is highly likely that there are valuable items among them.

In the case of collector’s items, the price is mainly influenced by their condition. Coins, banknotes and other items in perfect condition might be very costly, and at the same time the value of the same coin in circulated condition might be very low.

Under no circumstances should you clean or wash the coins, banknotes or other items you would like our experts to valuate.

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