Floor Auctions

Traditional auctions are held by the Antique Shop once a year. Only the most interesting and rarest items selected especially for this event are put up for auction.

The auctions are held at prestigious conference facilities in Warsaw in compliance with international standards on professional service, safety and security and discretion. Financial, as well as formal and legal services regarding the transactions are provided.

Detailed information concerning transferring items for auctions and the terms and conditions of participating in the auction can be found at: www.aukcjamonet.pl




The first live auction of the Antykwariat Numizmatyczny was held on 23 October 2010 and turned out to be a huge success. The quality and uniqueness of the offered items made this event the most important Polish numismatic event in recent years.The total value of the sold items amounted to PLN 9,873,497, and the average price for a single item was PLN 54,852.


The doyen of Polish numismatics, the Honourable President of the Polish Numismatic Association, Mr. Lech Kokociński, wrote the following about the auction held by the Antique Shop:


 „The richness of the items gathered at the auction is delightful. Many of the presented positions would suffice to be the subject of a separate monograph or provide material for investigating the history of Polish numismatics or coinage. This is why the organisers of the auction deserve the highest acclaim for their regular efforts to obtain valuable exhibits abroad, many of which have appeared on the Polish auction market for the first time. (…) Undisputedly, both this catalogue and the auction itself form an exceptional event on the Polish numismatic market, and this is not only due to the unique objects and their descriptions. This catalogue will be a specific textbook of Polish numismatics for beginner collectors.

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