Allegro Auctions
We have been on Allegro for more than 7 years.
During that time we have carried out 90,000 transactions
and won the trust of more than 14,000 clients.


Buying from us guarantees:

  • Authenticity of the offered items

  • Reliable condition description

  • Wide selection of items

  • Kind and reliable staff

Our auctions offer:

  • coins – golden, silver, rare

  • medals, decorations and badges

  • banknotes, documents

  Numismatics is a specific market where seller reputation and prestige are most important. In most cases, the amount received for items sold by our company, is much higher than the amount recieved by random person and if item is more unique, the differences are bigger.

We mainly undertake consignment sale via Allegro. More than 1,000 consignors from all over Poland have placed their trust in us!
Commission is charged at 12-20% (Allegro fees, taxes, and other liabilities are included in the commission).

Consignment sale with our assistance allows for time to be saved– all you have to do is collect the money!

Standard procedure for putting items up for sale on Allegro:

1. We execute a commission sales contract for accepting items to be put up for sale on Allegro, and set out terms of sale.

2. We prepare the items to be put up for sale (photos, descriptions, comments).

3. On the listing day, we inform the client by phone so they can monitor their auctions.

4. Bidding for a coin starts at PLN 1, the winner being a person offering the highest price. It is possible to set minimum prices but we know from our experience that selling through our Company is very efficient. We always reach the expected amounts.

5. After 10 days of the end of the auction, contact us for a receipt and to settle the commission sale.

6. The payment is in cash (to be collected at the Company) or by transfer to a bank account. The amount to be disbursed is the sum total of all auction results less the commission (allegro fees, taxes and other payables are included in the commission).

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