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Sell by mail

Purchasing on distance – Highest prices in Poland guaranteed!

If you are satisfied with the offer of our purchasing centre, but time and distance rule out a visit at our office, you might want to try carrying out the transaction via post or courier. 

In such cases, please send the items to our store, and we will transfer the payment to the account you indicate.


How does this work? It’s really fast and simple

Sending items for sale.
Download the purchase-sale agreement and print out two copies. Complete and sign both copies, and send them to our companys address together with the items for sale.

Telephone contact.
After receiving the items, we will contact you to confirm parcel receipt, make a price offer and confirm the bank account number.
You consent to the offered price and form of payment.
We sign both copies of the purchase-sale agreement and send one copy back to you. This document confirms the sale. We cover all the sales-related administrative fees.
Payment transfer.
Downloadable File:                

How to complete the Purchase-Sale Agreement?

Complete two copies of the purchase-sale agreement.

Section no. 1 please provide seller’s details in the appropriate fields.
(it is very important to ensure that the phone number is correct)

Section no. 2 please enter the number of sold items and their names. Please select the following form of payment: “transfer to Seller’s bank account” and provide the bank account number – we will contact you via telephone to confirm the bank account number.

Section no. 3 print out two copies of the agreement and sign the agreement on behalf of the “Seller” at the end of the document.


We often ask ourselves whether the coins that have been in our family for generations, which we inherited or which we have put aside some time ago are of any collector’s value. The value of a coin is not dependent on its age; often numismatic coins that are just a few years old might be way more expensive that much older items. If the coins or banknotes you own are part of a collection, then it is highly likely that there are valuable items among them.

Under no circumstances should you clean or wash the coins, banknotes or other items you would like our experts to valuate.

Should you have any questions or doubts, please Contact us

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