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Terms of sale

Terms of using the website

I. Used terms and definitions

Service- internet service which allows for booking and purchasing of products, which are owned by Antykwariat Numizmatyczny Michał Niemczyk, 67 Żelazna street, pavilion  22,    00-871 Warszaw, NIP (tax identification number) 113-271-52-51

Reservation- a process which relies on ordering goods issued by the service for sale.

Good- an item offered for sale.

Account- a profile set up by the user containing personal information and contact details.

User- A real, existing and legal person holding an active account on this site. The user may only be an adult.

Process- these are the main actions performed by both the user and the service after reserving a particular product. It consists of sending the goods (service) and fulfilling a determined form of payment (user).

II. Ownership

1. The owner of the service company Antykwariat Numizmatyczny is Michał Niemczyk, 67 Żelazna street, pavilion 22, 00-871 Warszaw, NIP ( tax intentification

number) 113-271-52-51

2. All texts, images and other materials contained on this website are protected by copyright and are owned by the service owner.

3. No parts of the service can be copied or distributed.

4. No parts of the service can be user-modified in any way.

5. Unless indicated otherwise, all trademarks situated on this website are owned by the site owner who has the right of use.

6. Use of materials- any texts and images situated on this website require written permission from the site owner. Any misuse of the content of this website is prohibited.

III. Registration

        1. Registration can only be done by:

  • real persons who have full legal capacity,
  • legal persons,
  • organizational units, who have no legal status but can in their own name, acquire rights and incur obligations.

        2.  Registration involves completing the form found on:

        3. The user is obligated to provide true information. Detection of incorrect personal         

       information will result in a lifetime ban.

 4. By registering on this website, you consent in the processing of personal data in accordance with Privacy Policy as well as in accordance with the law  from August 29th, 1997 regarding Data Protection and the law from July 18th,  2002 regarding the Provision of Electronic Services, with subsequent amendments.

        5. By registering, the user gives consent to the processing of personal data.

        6. By registering, the user agrees to receiving promotional materials in the form of a


IV.  Accounts

        1. A user can possess one account. In specific cases, the administrator may agree to the set up of more accounts.

        2. It is forbidden to transfer a username and password to third parties.

3. Accounts unused for more than six months from the last login can be removed prior to informing the user of that fact two weeks  in advance.

4. In case of violation of the principals of this policy, the account will be blocked (permanently or temporarily).

5. A user can request a removal of their account after contacting the service administration and giving reasons as to why the account should be removed.

         6. A user account, which is used for purposes not directly related to reservations may be blocked.

7. Each new account is subject to verification by the service administrator. The administrator can reject the registered account, which the user will be informed about explaining the reasons why.

8. Reservation is possible immediately after registration.

         9. A person who possesses an account agrees to the default display of their accessible data.

V. Process    

1. A user joining a process is required to familiarize themselves with the service rules.  

    The rules can be found here:

2. The user must have current address data and contact information contained on

    their account.

3. Each user activity expressed by taking part in the process, commits to a particular

    service in accordance with the rules of the website.

4. Each reservation can be verified by the administrator for compliance with the rules

    and regulations in Poland.

5. A user who has made a reservation has no rights to reserve goods if their account is

    deleted or blocked.

6. Goods displayed may be removed for any reason. In this case the service is not

    required to justify the decision.

7. If the validity of a transaction depends on the fulfillment of specific requirements

    provided by law, such as a conclusion of an agreement  requiring a written form or

    any other specific form, both buyer and seller after fulfilling a transaction can

    request the conclusion of the agreement.

VI. Rules and responsibility of users

            1. The user’s use of any information available on this website  is at their own risk and liability.

         2. Use of this website is subject to restrictions under Polish law and with the generally accepted rules of conduct applicable to all internet users who seek to protect their dealings and those of third parties.

         3. Responsibility for the use of information contained on the website as well as any decisions made based on that information rest solely on the user.

         4. The user is required to pay all losses and damages arising from their culpable acts or omissions and satisfy  any claims by third parties, as well as claims in court against the owner of the service, related to the user’s inconsistency with herby rules or otherwise prohibited or causing anyone injury or harm.

VII. Rules and responsibility of service owner

            1. The owner reserves the right to remove or block users violating any condition of the rules.

           2. The owner will exercise due diligence to ensure proper operation of the service, as well as for the security of data in the databases entering the website structure.

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